Friday, January 6, 2012



I always, always do this. Blog start. Blog goes. Blog goes well. Blog ends abruptly when lifes gets loco.

I hope that everyone had some fantastic holidays! Despite things being very different for our little family this year we did enjoy it. We had a tasty, relaxing Thanksgiving. We had a fun Christmas. And, New Years was very, very low key.

Things are about to get INSANE around here. I've had some health issues. We're finally getting organized around our new normal (two kids, two jobs, lots of stuff going on) and I'm really in need of an outlet like this that IS NOT facebook or something else to share the ME that is dying to be expressed. Google+ and Facebook just don't do it for me in some ways so back to the blog I come.

So, expect lots more in the coming weeks but it will be different. I'm back in school after taking last semester off for the baby and classes start in two weeks. We're jumping head first into military life this summer too. It's gonna be a crazy year.

And, I NEVER make resolutions but I did this year and here they are:

  1. 1. Do not get pregnant
  2. Get in better shape
  3. Kick PPD's butt
  4. Don't die when my husband is at bootcamp and SOI
  5. Kick school's butt
  6. Start getting out of debt (50% down goal!)
I will probably end up posting in the dead of night when I am up studying but I don't want too . . . hehe

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