Saturday, August 17, 2013

FinAid and such

     Depending on financial aid to go to school really sucks. Lemme just say that. I've had a very busy week. Today was the peak of crazy with two sickly kids. Although, not so sick that they didn't manage to go and spread toothpaste on themselves and the carpet while I was trying to make emails and calls.

     Can I just say: work at home parents, I know not how you do it. I mean, I've been enrolled part time or full time in school off and on since Bitty Bug (3 year old) was 6 months old. That's hard. No doubt. I just assume that's a lot more flexible than most work-at-home jobs. I can barely make a quiet call to hubby during the day. Good grief.

     Anyway, classes are supposed to start Monday. I'm split between readiness, excitement and frustration. I may not get awarded in time to avoid being dropped from my classes. We're poor as dirt so we can't just fork out the dough for 25% of the bill right now. Particularly not when there are no refunds and FinAid is never guaranteed until you've got it in the account and signed on the dotted line. Oh well. I'll take this as a hint. Unfortunately, I won't know for sure whether I'm taking classes until I hear back from my adviser and FinAid on Monday or Tuesday. Blah. So much for getting so motivated for this semester.
     I guess I should avoid ranting.

     So yeah, it's almost 7 am on Saturday. Everyone else is asleep. I'm googling ideas to make this fall count for something. Ideas, anyone? CLEP testing is probably in the agenda. I'm sure I can focus whatever energy I'd spend on classes on ebay, my photography, and even this blog.

    Right now it seems like it will be a miracle if I finish this degree by the time the kids graduate high school. ha! 

P.S. I'm totally working on that last book-related post!!

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