Monday, December 9, 2013

We Survived!!

    Yes! Not only did we survive our road trip for the holidays but my finals are over too! I'm in 100% Christmas mode now. I've all ready made a few loaves of pumpkin bread. I also attempted fudge.

    Here's the recipe  that I've been using for pumpkin bread. I just substitute one can of pumpkin for the legit, fresh pumpkin. I also splash in a good bit of allspice and extra cinnamon.

     And . . . for the second time in my life I totally ruined what is supposed to be an easy thing to make. Lame. I even gave the muck a second chance to sit in the fridge and become something magical overnight. Utter failure. I said many fudge-related words over the fiasco last night. I really wanted some fudge dangit!! It turned out like a burnt-chocolate, oily, melty tootise roll mess. Crap. It was a pile of crap. Even my three year old opened the fridge this morning and I kid you not (I wouldn't make this up) she says "That's not supposed to be in there, mama! IT goes in the POTTYY!" She sounded pretty offended.

(Yeah, I was so traumatized by the first failed attempt it took me over 10 years to try again. I'm sticking with normal baked goods. No more candy duds for me.)

     In other news. I'm an Auburn fan. In case you didn't know that! So, I'm pretty happy. Iron Bowl and SEC Champs!

Anyway . . . I'll be posting more cheery, festive junk in the next couple weeks! Just as soon as I get over that fudge I'll be baking up a storm too . . .

Speaking of storms . . . I hope everyone is enjoying the ice and snow more than I am!! Let it go! Let it go! Faaaar awaaaay.

The end.

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