Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's Mac's 30th Birthday!

     Nope, not my redneck cousin. The beloved mass producer of shiny, wonderful items with an Apple logo on the back. The ones that make for plenty of first-world-problem memes. I bought my first Mac 7 years ago and I'll not go back to the days of "custom" PCs. (Yeah, I built my own desktop setup, windows-running PC back in the day because I am legit. Newegg was my friend.)  I knew I liked Macintosh. My parents had windows computers at home (and my dad has worked in the tech world for a while now) and my grandparents had macs. Oh, sweet memories of Windows 95 and 2000 and the G3. I knew and used both. Then once upon a time I got my first job. I saved all my dollars until I got my first macbook. The original perfection white.

     I'm gonna go hug my iPad now.

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