Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Last year, my husband, N, and I went to downtown Bentonville just for the fun of it on. (If you haven't experienced some of the beautiful downtown areas of NWA then please GO! There are so many fun shops, beautiful park areas, interesting people and so much history.) We stopped in the little art museum on the corner, happy to find a very interesting Mata Ortiz pottery exhibit. In the back, they also had a video and model for the museum that was supposed to open in the area very soon. At that point, they were still working on the foundation and perfecting the plans.

I decided to do some googling to find out what the progress of this new museum. Last I heard it was supposed to open this fall. Lo and behold, there's a website up! It is supposed to hold it's grand opening on November 11th. I am actually very excited. While there is plenty to do in the area for families and children, it's not as easy as living in a big city and going to the local zoo or aquarium. This place looks better than I could've imagined! I'm so looking forward to having this available to us in the next few years. I will definitely be looking to add a membership to the Crystal Bridges Museum to our budget.

Check it out!!

Other museums in the area I'm hoping to check out soon:

Walton's 5&10 (FO' FREE!)

Arkansas Air Museum

Daisy Airgun Museum

Shiloh Museum of Ozark History

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