Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh Hai!

I'm a semi-crunchy Mama of two, 18 month old N and newborn E, living in NWA (Northwest Arkansas). I've lived in the area since 2008 and despite making other plans it's looking like my husband and I will be here for at least a few more years! I'm on a mission to discover all the fun things this area has to offer for us. Come back soon to hear about our experiences as we explore. You'll probably find other mommy stuff on here too, like a post I'm working on about baby-wearing, tips on places you can feel comfortable breastfeeding in public, and info on some of my favorite places to shop for kid stuff around here!

Three places/events we hope to attend in the upcoming fall/harvest season:

Ozark Corn Maze

Farmland Adventures

10th Annual Trick-or-Treat on the Square

More to come soon!

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