Friday, February 15, 2013


Got this pretty in the mail today! I smashed my last one to bitty bits by accident (it was hiding under a blanket, which I stepped on). Oops. Glad to finally have a new one. It's not a very complicated piece of equipment but it sure does make my snapshots prettier! Any newbies that tend to depend on a popup flash or anyone that isn't sure about using an external flash all the time should look into one of these. The example before/after pictures on the package are no exaggeration. The lightscoop is definitely a must-have, IMHO. It has its limitations but it's a gem. You will need a good solid wall for the light to bounce back off of so it's not going to do all that much for pictures in open space or with bright natural lights. For low-light pictures, rainy day indoor photos of the littles, birthday parties, and the like though it's pretty spectacular. There's a new "deluxe" version out plus a "jr." that is designed for the chunky P&S cameras.

In other news . . . UPS says my new 35 mm is in Atlanta!! My girls will probably start thinking I have a camera for a face as soon as it arrives.

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