Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I love Ted Dekker

     Have you read this brilliant man's books? I'd be surprised if you haven't at least heard his name. He's written more than 30 novels. He's a New York Times bestseller. Two movies were made based on his books.

     It's been far too long since I read Dekker's work. I think the last book I finished was Adam or House. I have always been more into sci-fi fantasy, historical fiction (IE Lord of the Rings and Sense and Sensibility), and poetry. Although, I adored Nancy Drew when I was younger. That's about as close to the mystery thriller genre I got. My husband told me about The Oath many years ago.

     Dekker is absolutely genius with plot. Every moment seems to be constructed to make you feel like you're walking side-by-side with the characters or watching through a peephole in the wall. He doesn't junk write. If you think you like those fluffy vampire books these will totally blow your mind. When a book can make your heart race, your eyes fill with tears, or jump out of your skin .  . . that's when you know you're reading something great.

   I used to finish those books in just two or three of days. The suspense kept me anxious.I picked up BoneMan's Daughters and The Bride Collector at the library. I'm really hoping to dive into them soon.

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