Thursday, February 6, 2014

You know you have a Mommy Blog when . . .

  • You make cutesy graphics (that are perfect for pinning) with photoshop, picmonkey, or picasa 
  • You have given sage advice on breastfeeding, teething, and/or sleep training 
  • You have pictures of your kids plastered all over your blog
  • There is a variation of the word mommy in your blog name or header 
  • You've written a lengthy essay on why spilled milk will most definitely make you cry
  • You frequent babycenter or another parenting site between posts
  • There aren't just recipes on your blog. There are recipes that are ideal for hiding veggies.
  • You've written a post that linked back to one or more mom-authored blogs
  • You have written review posts about diapers, formula, and/or toys
  • You've used your blog to defend your parenting "style"
  • You try really hard to come up with content that isn't centered around your kids only to end up writing a lengthy expose about what a blessing your kids are to you
  • Strangely, other moms seem to be constantly drawn to your little corner of the web
  • You try to brainstorm for content ideas and everything revolves around breastfeeding, preschool, and/or other controversial topics like electronics in the home and organic food
  • You distract the shortest people in your home with their favorite organic greek yogurt or homemade edible play-doh so you can check into your latest blog hop or link up 
  • You know what a blog hop or link up is . . .
  • You know the meaning of this gibberish: AP, Ped, DH, Ferber, CIO, BM, EBF, Latch, EP, FF, GMO, MIL, PnP, Crunchy, VBAC, SAHM, SAHD, WAHM, WAHD, NFP, TCOYF, TTC, POAS, PPD, Mobile, DTaP, Montessori, Common Core, Nuby, Boppy, Bumbo, Moby, CD
  • You use made-up, cutesy names (possibly following a theme) to represent your family members
  • Some company sent you baby stuff to review
  • Your primary topics include things like . . . whatever moms discussed in PTA meetings in the 90s, whether it's better to be modern or old fashioned, and more pressing matters like how to organize seventy thousand toys
  • Your top priority is your family and your personal blog has become just one more outlet for expressing that
  • You just can't be put in a pigeon hole. "Mom" is a title that includes so many different people. "Mom" is now the simplest description of you without using ten thousand words
  • You're carving out your section of the web just so you can enjoy networking with other moms and learning about different lifestyles in order to better your own.
  • You have 15 trains of thought in your head at any given moment anyway . . . might as well write (or type) it all out!

<3 <3 <3

Is there anything you'd add to this list?


  1. I've got quite a few on this list! Good job!

  2. Stopping by from Happy Kids, Inc: Blog Hop! Now following you via Bloglovin'