Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We've finally been making trips to the library again. Here's our current stash:


     The first two are truly great because they contain real, practical knowledge. They have the typical child-level language but also plenty of new information. They would be great to read alongside a preschool lesson or a trip to a related museum. My 3 year old has a particular love of planets so La Tierra/Earth was especially intriguing for her. She loves to see the moon and look at stars. I've just begun teaching her more about the earth and the planets. She was totally intrigued by the pictures of the earth's core and of lightning. I could tell as we read that she soaked up the information like a sponge. I Drive a Bulldozer would be great for any young kids that love construction. It essentially follows "Noah" through his day at work and all the things he does to drive a bulldozer and what all the machine can do. Both girls enjoyed this one as well. In the beginning my not quite 2-year-old was insisting it was a dump truck (she's been on a dump truck spotting kick lately when we're out) but by the end she was finally calling it a "doder".

     The other benefit of La Tierra/Earth is that each page includes the same information in English and in Spanish. Even if I don't teach them directly I like to have my children exposed to many languages (an unexpected benefit of living in NWA where there are many different languages being spoken even in Target some afternoon). This would be awesome though if your family is bilingual or even if you are learning yourself!

    The second two, Emily's Balloon and Pilot Pups are certainly your typical imagination-driven children's books. However, they aren't typical in their class of whimsy. Emily's Balloon is filled with soft, beautiful illustrations and simple text. The story is very short and calm. The ending is sweet and true to the nature of childhood. Pilot Pups was just adorable. Any kid would like this one. The pages are so colorful. It really captures the depths of imagination humans are capable of as a household becomes a flying adventure.

   I should note, Emily's Balloon was written by the author of Mad at Mommy. If you love one you'll definitely enjoy the other. I'll definitely be looking for more Komako Sakai books.


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