Friday, October 14, 2011

Because I'm awake . . .

Oh my word. It's 5:30 am (ok 5:27 but who doesn't round up?) and of COURSE I am still awake. I have company in my little N for once. She's half asleep on my lap and Ice Age is on. I feel so wide awake. THIS is how I wouldn't mind feeling during the day. Not that I feel exhausted during the day either. I've been managing one long nap and lots of short cat naps or just 10 minute lay-down-breathe-deep-don't-die-time-out times.

I decide to aim for a slightly different route and be a little more personal here. I don't want to make a job out of blogging because that's boring and silly when it's not . . . me? Oh gawsh that's vanity at it's best. I get a pass though because I'm . . . well, I guess not. I'm vain as all heck and so is everyone so suck it (your lollipop that is . . . nom nom nom).

Here's me attempting not to be as snarky as I just was:

Nope I think I meant to breathe out. Breathe in good, breathe out bad right? That honestly doesn't make sense. Sounds like looney psycho crap to me . . . but I guess that means it suits me so I'll stick with it.

AnyWAY . . . I'm so out of it and it should be apparent by now. But by golly I am almost caught up on laundry and this blog now looks spectacular compared to it's dreary-blahness-layout before. I did something BESIDES browse pinterest, babycenter, and stumble for once.

I think I'm gonna get N cuddled up with me and try to sleep. TRY.

I'm looking forward to a happy blog tomorrow (err . . . later today). We're going to the pumpkin patch and PAINTING (seeing as how my toddler is much safer throwing paint than throwing knives) pumpkins. It's gonna be fun. We finally settled on going to Farmland Adventures so I'll also be SURE to be critical and nosy and share my effervescent thoughts on the experience here.


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