Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's fall . . . time for some white turkey chili!

     I've tweaked this recipe several times and it's almost perfect. It's been cooler this week so I decided I should welcome in the Harvest season with some tasty crockpot food. First, I pull out all my ingredients because half the time I'll forget something if I don't. My hubby eats it plain. I love it with a glob of shredded colby or pepper jack, a giant spoonful of sour cream, and fritos.

 Refried beans keep it nice and thick. I personally just like the cannellini beans (white kidney) and black beans. I normally use fresh tomato and a small can of chopped green chilies too but oh well. And, the enchilada sauce is new. We'll see how it goes. I'm substituting this for chicken broth.

 And, of course, you have to have meat. I love traditional chili BUT turkey is just as easy but it is leaner and better for you. Yay!

 Yup, that's cocoa. It adds a heavy, robust flavor. I usually mash up one small clove of garlic but I completely forgot. I used plenty of the chili powder and red pepper because I also forgot the jalapeno and pablano peppers (what I'd use normally) and didn't feel like running to walmart to find not-so-great peppers (this is what farmer's markets are for, best produce EVER) . I'd probably still add the powder and pepper anyway. I also use a secret ingredient but unfortunately I ran out.*

 MMM. Fresh bell pepper and chopped tomatillo and a hint of sweet and crunchy! I chop these up, not to fine and not to thick so they still hold their own flavor and crunch but are tender. I actually love bell pepper raw with ranch . . . yum.

Once all the cans are opened and the veggies and fruits are chopped I plop it all in together. No pre-cooking or anything.  It should cook on low for at least 6 hours and I like to put it on high for an hour to make SURE the meat is done. I season to taste. I promise it's better looking cooked. It's smooth, thick, and a warm tan color with specs of bright yellow, red, and green. Yum.


 *Canadian Whisky

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