Tuesday, October 4, 2011

pumpkin patches & trick-or-treatin'

OK. Seriously. The weather may be a wee bit chilly lately but is it not absolutely glorious in the afternoon after that insane winter and sweltering summer?! I'm loving it. I so wish we had a yard.

I also have to say the moby is going to be so perfect with E. I got it with N and started using it a lot at the end of spring and summer. It's a bit warm for that so I'm excited to have it for fall and winter.

Anyway, ya'll have to look into all the fun stuff going on this month. The month of October is pretty much a close second to Christmas (err . . . December, everything from November 26 through at least January 2 is "Christmas" though right?).

I'm having a hard time deciding which pumpkin patch we're going to this year. Officially, we're tight on cash or I'd hit all of them up. We went here last year. We had fun but the 7 month old N was not to sure what we were doing, although she was curious about the animals in the petting zoo and hubby loved the corn cannons. We'll have to make our decision this week or next and as soon as we make our trip I'll post about it here. Any recommendations are totally welcome!

Here are a few of the options out there for your pumpkin patch trip:

Farmland Adventures in Springdale

Ozark Corn Maze in Cave Springs

Huck's Corn Maze in Lowell

And I'm sure there is more out there.

The other thing I'm truly looking forward to is taking our girls out to trick or treat. There is going to be a store-to-store trick-or-treat at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade. There will also be door-to-door trick-or-treatings (that's a lot of dashes) in downtown Rogers and downtown Fayetteville. Again, we've made no firm plans. We're going to be dressing up the girls and wingin' it (makes us feel not-so-old . . . more dashes). Hopefully, the toddler will be in a good mood and the newbie will tolerate our crazy.

For more event information definitely go look at NWA Events Online and NWA Motherlode. (Those two links are also available in my local links list to your right if you ever happen to need them!)

P.S. If you're bored or exceptionally superb at memorizing stuff I dare you to go memorize this. hehe

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