Thursday, October 13, 2011

Puke Vomit Throw-Up Hurl Upchuck Barf

Keep hydrated people it's sick season! I so love the fall. So much so that I always manage to forget it's what seems to be the beginning of Flu/Virus/Cold season.

Well, these past few days were fun. I won't share details about the massive loads of laundry afterwards or the pitiful sight a toddler being sick for the first time. Me and mine just got over a stomach virus. Boo! Not fun. DH got it first, then N started in with the pukin' the next day, and a couple days after she came down with it I started up. Thankfully, DH and I were only sick ~24 hours and N was only sickly for ~48. It totally skipped over E (yay breastfeeding!). Hopefully it will only take a few days to recoup but who knows . . . E will be 6 weeks on Saturday and I'm anticipating a growth spurt which probably means little sleep and lots of clusterfeeding.

Meanwhile, N is a happy camper with her new pink sparkly converse (yay ebay!) and my amazing DH completely cleaned up the living room yesterday (the floors were desperate to be seen again).

I have to add ginger root tablets were my saving grace and my hubby can make a mean bowl of plain white rice.

Now, I'm going to go rest while E is napping and N is watching some weird NickJr show (it's Yo Gabba Gabba, but I don't like to admit it).


How is it all ready mid-October?

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