Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A couple things I've wanted to share . . .

I've been meaning to share these! I know everyone likes good deals, discounts, coupons, and all that jazz. I'm not a super-coupon-clipper or anything but I like a good deal as much as the next person. If you don't mind some extra mail in your inbox these are three pretty nice options that you should look into:

Barnes and Noble Kid's Club

This is actually pretty cool. You sign up quickly and get cafe cupcake on birthdays plus lots of discounts on actual merchandise. There are regular coupons but there's also a reward system. For every $100 spent you can get $5 toward books. It's nothing flashy or awe-inspiring but if you love B&N or happen to shop their regularly anyway no discount is too small to count. Just the free cupcake for the littles is worth it. They send you a handy dandy little card to keep in your wallet too.


This company is awesome for printing your average snapshots from daily life and family events. I think last year I ordered over 400 4x6 prints for nothing more than shipping. Usually this was in the form of 100 free print deals with a code you enter at checkout. There's a billion products you could make and you typically can find a code for free shipping but that discount on those prints are a huge draw for me personally because I take soooo many pictures that are great for the baby books and scrapbooking but not necessarily what I'll be hanging on my walls. If  you don't take tons of pictures that often there's always the option to get doubles or triples when those deals come up so you have spares to give to other people. I like it!


This is no joke or scam. Last year, I got a total of $60 in amazon e-gift cards and $20 in cabela's gift cards. All you do is sign up and download the tracker onto your browser. You simply use it as your search tool and occasionally you get dropped 1-20 (or more) "swagbucks". You'll put in an anti-robot code or just click accept and your points (aka swagbucks) pile up in your account. At any time you go into the rewards store and trade the bucks out for stuff. Searching isn't the only way to earn the "points" either.

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