Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Go to the Library

FYI, if you're ever looking for something free and fun for your littles check out the local libraries!! I always forget how much there is for kids to do.

Rogers Public Library and Springdale Public Library have lots of reading and craft events for all ages (babies and toddlers up to teens).  They also have storytimes for families in English AND in Spanish.

Bentonville Library has come a long way since opening not quite 2 years ago. They host several clubs like Kid's Chess in addition to storytimes and group lessons or workshops.

The Fayetteville Library makes these others feel teeny tiny. They have almost every service imaginable (for a library). They even have a game center (think xbox) which I personally think is absurd but whatever. There are LOTS of resources available here for studying, learning, researching, or socializing.

We just got back from the library in Rogers last night. I have to recommend these cute books:

All of the books about Olivia (a very prissy, sometimes mischievous little pig) are adorable. My almost older toddler absolutely adores this character. That may be because she is the real life Olivia. ha!

This is one of those sweet, simple books with a key message: people (ooor . . . animals) that are different can be the best people. Differences are good, not bad! I've rented this one so many times I don't know why I haven't just bought it yet (maybe because we all ready have over 300 kid's books, maybe)

This is a very colorful book. I had to read it slowly so my littles could soak in all the beautiful imagery. The story seems silly at first but in the end it follows these seven sisters through an adventure where each one uses their particular talent or strength to make it through a bad situation. These are exactly the kinds of books I look for to read to my girls. It shows how every single person (sisters, as the case may be) is unique and important. They get a sweet seed planted in their minds  and a tiny taste of another world all at the same time.  Definitely look for this one! 

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