Thursday, January 31, 2013


 So, I'm a bit of a gamer girl. I've never been too serious about playing video games but I've always enjoyed it. Long, long ago in a galaxy far away I had a gameboy. It was purple. It was see through which added at least 10 levels of cool to it. Atomic Purple! That's the color. Heck yes. We (my sister and I) only had a few games: super mario bros, dexter's lab, and frogger. Maybe something else. I also eventually bought (yeah Christmas and birthday money) the gameboy advance and the advance sp. Nintendo DS ain't got nothing on these babies (and if they do then ssshhhhh I'm choosing to be ignorant).

Best of all, my grandmother had a super nintendo. Love. Super Mario World and the Legend of Zelda. I was all about it.

One day, my dad brought home an xbox. Hello. I was on a sports kick, specifically soccer, at the time so FIFA World Cup, Crash Bandicoot, and some very old version of Need for Speed is all I'd play.

Then I discovered these . . .

When I met my now dear-sweet-awesome-NERD of a husband, I was introduced to the ever-famous, always-infamous WoW. (Among other things, like Battlefield 2 which I maintain is my favorite PC game)

That's right.

World of Warcraft.

Human Mage. Gnome Warlock. Blood Elf Paladin. 
(I can't for the life of me remember what levels I had these on)

One day we'll play again but it's been a very long time since a) we couldn't or didn't want to pay for the subscriptions and b) we've been busy with other stuff like jobs and school and
growing humans.

Now, the hubby and I just get our fix with our new xbox 360. We finished Halo 3. Anytime we get a chance to play anything lately it's Borderlands 2.

I won't lie. I love Lego POTC and Harry Potter on the wii. I get my Mario fix in every now and then too thanks to the spiffy wii shop channel.

Soon, very soon, we will get Halo 4!

The man plays a lot more than I do and was (is?) the serious-about-gaming, uber-geek you imagine in your head when you think "gamer". Alas, he turned me into more of a nerd than I ever imagined being.

And, I like it.

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