Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Latest in Structured Baby Carriers

Who's seen em? Who has em?! 

This I'm interested in. The new Moby Go:

I've posted before about how much I loved my moby for both my babies. I went straight to the ergo once my kiddos got to heavy for the wrap so this has me intrigued. Is it comparable to the ergo? Is the slightly more structured version of the soft, cozy moby original? I need to know.

This Britax Baby Carrier I'm feeling rather disappointed in:

So really? WTF? What is this? Awesomest ever carseats (ok, I've heard dionos are second to none but still) and they come up with this? Someone please explain. You know when you're about to change a diaper and there are no smells so it's just like "oh just a quick wet dipe change" and upon too-quickly opening said diaper you are bombarded with the putrid fragrance only found in some terrible underworld? Yeah. That's about the same feeling I'm having here. I see it can be used to wear inward-facing (towards the chest) with an extra insert. Seems lame. How is this better than the typical bjorn?

I've also heard a tidbit about the líllébaby

Opinions, anyone?

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