Saturday, January 26, 2013


Saturdays used to be just another day in the week because the man typically worked over the weekend. Now that he has a "normal" job working 8-5 we get to enjoy our weekends for the most part. I mean, we have two kids to take care of and we're both in school full time plus at least one of those weekends a month he is out of town but STILL. I like this setup much more than before.

Anyone that works or has a spouse that works in restaurants and retail: God bless you.

Today is another Saturday. I'm browsing my normal web stuff (pinterest, facebook, tumblr, blogger . . . obviously) and wondering how far ahead I can get if I really focus on school work or how much cleaning I want to try to avoid this weekend. The man is amusing the girls with making some batter for muffins.

It's 9:29 am. 39 degrees out.

I'm about to get some coffee.

I really can't complain.

Now there's a toddler on the floor pitching a fit and a preschooler whining and back-talking . . .

But I stand by what I said. Can't complain.

It's gonna be a good weekend.


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